Pricing Platform for Retailers

Take your pricing to the next level with time-tested AI solution that:

  • Uses advanced multi-ML models for pricing beyond traditional methods
  • Assesses impact on business metrics with What-if simulation tool
  • Offers transparent pricing, avoiding black-box approach
  • Optimizes profitability with dynamic pricing in real-time
Pricing Platform for Retailers Dashboard

Pricing platform that empowers your pricing

Competera offers a unique technology blend to make the pricing process easy and effective, allowing you to reach your strategic goals.

Struggling to balance profit and competitiveness in a fluid market

Missed revenue from overlooking pricing factors and impacts

Misaligned market position due to poor competitor data

Dynamic product assignment

Link products to pricing campaigns on-the-fly based on specific parameters. You can set this pricing campaign goal: rule-based, markdown or promo.

You gain control over the full spectrum of pricing activities, ensuring your strategies align optimally with your business goals for maximum impact

Dynamic product assignment

Targeted product relationships

You define linear or hierarchical dependencies between products. Also, you can unite products by different indexes. So, you link product not only to pricing limits but create meaningful cross-dependencies between your items.

You can simultaneously review repriced products, orchestrate pricing campaigns, and synchronize pricing adjustments across related items.

Targeted product relationships

Outperform your competitors with Pricing Platform

Advanced technology is the key to growing bottom-line sustainably. The future belongs to real-time AI-driven pricing.

Reduce repricing time by 50%

20+ factors beyond elasticity considered in price setting

10B+ transactions were used to train the AI model

KPIs predictions

Benefit from our short-term and mid-term business metrics predictions. You can see how your sales volume, revenue, gross profit and profit margin will look like in 1-12 weeks.

KPIs predictions

‘What-if’ simulation

Based on specific pricing scenarios, you can see how your bottom line changes. The scenarios come with probability rates so the only thing is left for you is to choose the most optimal.

It provides the flexibility to experiment with different pricing rules, strategies, incorporate business constraints, and fine-tune settings, helping you explore all potential outcomes and make the most informed decisions.

What if simulation

See why Competera is one-of-a kind solution

Other solutions - Elasticity Correlation

  • Price change

  • Sales change

Elasticity correlation between price level and sales levels changes#Reaction

Competera - Deep learning

  • Product

  • Price

  • Season

  • Promo

  • Competition

Multidimensional weighing of all impacting factors and creating contextual dependencies#Behaviour

Smart segmentation

You can define product roles depending on their elasticity, impact on revenue and profit. This segmentation is dynamic because some products change their roles over time.

Our platform provides tailored recommendations on segmentation strategies that best suit your needs, helping you optimize your product management efficiently

Smart segmentation

Powerful analytics

Pricing Platform provides you with a detailed price interpretation, influence factors on price recommendations, competitors’ pricing dynamics, KPIs progress on a company/category/brand levels, cross-dependencies as well as dynamic reports.

You'll get a 360 view of your pricing process and understand all factors behind AI-generated decisions, leaving guesswork behind and showing the apparent reasons behind your performance.

Powerful analytics

See how AI Pricing Platform performs

Discover the full capabilities of our Pricing Platform – explore tailored solutions designed to meet your specific needs


Use either common pricing rules from the platform’s library or individual to take your pricing management to the next level.
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As a retailer, you need to know not only what the right pricing decision for your company is, but also how it will affect.
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Retail is becoming more sophisticated. Industry experience is great, but if businesses want to keep up with the market.
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Find how to gain an upper hand on the market with optimal prices driven by advanced market analytics and AI pricing engine.
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Smart Promo

Sustain a healthy promo ROI with easy-to-use promo calendars, data-driven insights, and promo scenario testing.
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As a retailer, you need to know not only what the right pricing decision for your company is, but also how it will affect.
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Find answers to some of the most common questions people have regarding the use of Competera.

What is a Pricing Platform?

Our Pricing Platform is a powerful price optimization solution that transitions you from intuition-based decisions to data-driven optimal pricing. It utilizes a contextual AI model to analyze over 20 pricing and non-pricing factors, processing billions of price combinations to suggest the optimal one.

Is the Pricing Platform fully AI-driven?

Yes, our Pricing Platform combines AI-driven automation with human-in-the-loop guidance for optimal pricing decisions. This approach simplifies complex decisions and enhances transparency, allowing you to see and understand the factors behind AI-based pricing.

What do I need to integrate the Pricing Platform?

You'll need two years' of transactions, price lists, promo calendars, and product references to integrate our pricing platform. Our team will support you from early stages of implementation, assessing your market position, helping you set goals, and tailoring the pricing to align with your business strategies.

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