Dynamic Pricing Engine Software for Online and Omnichannel Retailers

In the time of price transparency, implementing a proactive pricing policy requires retailers to stay flexible and quick in decision-making. Find how to gain an upper hand on the market with optimal prices driven by advanced market analytics and ML-powered dynamic pricing engine.

What is dynamic pricing software?

Dynamic pricing tool is used by online and omnichannel retailers to automatically set prices in response to market trends, changes in demand, and other variables.

Dynamic software enables the business to implement goal-driven and elasticity-based pricing for the entire portfolio at any level from specific categories or product lines to national markets and world regions.

What is dynamic pricing software?

When dynamic pricing software is used?

Dynamic pricing software is often used to manage products the demand for which is rather fluctuating. But the approach’s application is not limited to one or two types of SKU.

Dynamic pricing software ecommerce can be used to set prices for various product types. Here are a few examples:

  • New entries
  • Best Price Guarantee (BPG) products
  • Cash and revenue generators
  • Exclusive range of products
It is important to note that implementing a real time pricing engine requires the company to meet specific business maturity standards. For example, historical sales data or a dedicated team of tech specialists might be required to implement software for pricing.
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When to use dynamic software or why tech matters

As a company reaches a particular level of business maturity, using old pricing methods or outdated software for pricing becomes irrelevant and risky.

Automated, coherent, and transparent pricing is a must for retailers willing to increase market share, provide customers with the personalized shopping experience, and align operational activities with strategic goals.

When to use dynamic pricing software

What are the benefits of a dynamic pricing tool?

Pricing policy powered by dynamic software brings plenty of benefits for the business. Here are some of them:

  • Real time pricing engine is one of the most sustainable means of boosting long-term revenue and profit uplift
  • Pricing relies on accurate forecasts securing the achievement of strategic goals
  • Dynamic software help retailers to gain insights into consumer behavior and provide every customer with a personalized best offering
benefits of dynamic pricing

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