Act like a Human Price like a Machine

When you embark on the adventure of running a retail business, the blend of the right talent with the right technology is critical for success.

You need the right people empowered by the right technology to navigate the ocean of the Third Automation Revolution in retail and deal with reefs:

Massive amounts of data

Unprecedented speed

Hard routine work not being a virtue anymore

Multiple contexts

Extremely complex decision-making

Our mission is to help businesses like yours make the right decisions every single time in their daily quest for growth

Today it does not matter how good your automation and intelligence system is if someone else — and not you — makes the right decisions at any given time. We help you stay on top of your game by marrying your team expertise with ready-to-use machine algorithms.

What most retailers like you seek is a balance between

customer experience
sales and

This balance is only attained when combining the right people with the right technology.

We’ll show you the way and give you everything you need to sail in the right direction, find this balance and grow your business

  • Map

    your pricing journey

  • Boat

    any configuration of Competera’s top-notch pricing platform

  • Team

    dedicated pricing architects to steer your boat

  • Equipment

    all the types of pricing approaches you need