Turn Your Business Into
Revenue Generating Machine

Enhance your C-Level Retail Excellence by overcoming these challenges with Competera

  • No Ways to Increase

    Boosting profits without losing competitiveness is challenging without specialized tools and the right strategy.

    Transform your pricing
  • Inability to Stay Competitive in a Dynamic Market

    Poor quality of competitive data and lack of true competitors understanding harms sales and undermines customer loyalty.

    Get reliable data
  • Wasting Time on Manual and Error-Prone Pricing

    Manual pricing is extremely prone to man-made mistakes and leads to falling out of the market.

    Reprice effortlessly
  • You Leave Money
    on the Table

    You miss out on profits by not considering cross-dependencies, price elasticity, and accurate forecasts.

    Stop losing margin
Turn Your Business Into Revenue Generating Machine

Transform Your Pricing

  • Align: Based on historical performance, our analysts will review your current market position, create a plan covering long-term & short term goals, including resources assessment, and align these activities with your business development.
  • Prepare: Based on selected direction, we will upgrade current pricing structure, create a set of improvement recommendations, category trees, product segments, store cluster assessments, and determine pricing methods to achieve goals.
  • Execute: Get the segmented assortment and custom rules for your business needs in our pricing platform.
Transform Your Pricing

Reprice Effortlessly

Manage automatic price recommendations in one dedicated platform. Simplify your pricing process by moving all necessary workflows and validations to one place. Educate end users and support them during the life cycle. All of the above will contribute to fast, accurate, and transparent pricing decision-making.

Reprice Effortlessly

Stop Losing Margin

Ensure your tactics remain unpredictable to your competitors by leveraging over 20 pricing and non-pricing factors like weather, location, and market situation. A comprehensive pricing strategy by Competera can secure you up to 8% uplift in revenue.

Stop Losing Margin

Get Reliable Data

Get a weekly forecast with 95% precision, view historical data with each pricing decision marked, and see how it impacted the overall performance. Empower your team with transparency and gain a clear view of every pricing decision.

Get Reliable Data

Start Getting Profits Fast with Enhanced Time-to-Value

Enjoy fast and seamless integration with Competera. Products are available in:

Competitive Data

[Market Driven, Competitive Pricing, Custom Scraping Logic]
2 weeks

Pricing Automation

[Market Driven, Cost-Plus,
Rule Based]
4 weeks

Price Optimization

[Personalized, Elasticity-Based,
up to 10 weeks

This Is How Competera Helps Retailers

Reach your strategic business goals with a tailor-crafted solution developed together with leading Pricing Architects.

    • Market Driven
    • Unlimited Scale
    • Custom Scrapping logic
    Enhanced Competitive Price Monitoring for Sephora

    Sephora, a globally recognized beauty retailer with over $10B in revenue, revolutionized their pricing strategy to boost profitability. Discover how Competera's custom scraping logic helped with a comprehensive and transparent 360-degree view of the market, effectively highlighting Sephora’s pricing advantage over competitors and in the marketplace. Read Case Study

    • Balsam
      • 9 Countries
      • 17 Direct competitors

    • 3M data points
delivered monthly

Ravindra Vohra
Ravindra Vohra,
Global Program Manager

“Price benchmarking and promotion analysis reports have been well received and appreciated across Markets. Pricing and Category Managers can use reports with minimal training, thanks to very intuitive and user-friendly UI/UX. Also, the high dashboard up time, data freshness facilitated by daily crawls, data export features, and customization of price comparison logic has proven to be a game-changer for our teams.”

David Elder
David Elder
Group Head of International
and Pricing for WiggleCRC Group

“We believe Competera is the best in the industry. Their platform provides a set of tools, including market-based pricing and AI-driven demand-based pricing, that offers solutions to an immediate need, as well as our long-term plans. They have quickly become a strategically important player that we entrust with enabling a core element of our business.”

  • 360° market view
  • 50% faster repricing

Trond Samuelsen
Trond Samuelsen
Commercial Project Director at Elkjøp

“Time was an issue for us, as we didn't know when exactly Amazon was about to launch in Sweden. Nonetheless, our key requirement from a data provider was to receive Amazon Sweden and its sellers' prices within 24 hours after the marketplace launch. Competera did the job within 8 hours, and that was a great success.”

  • 99% product matchings
  • 1M data points delivered monthly

Unilever Wiggle Elkjop

Uncover the Full Potential of Optimal Pricing

Advanced technology is the key to growing bottom-line sustainably. The future belongs to real-time ML-driven pricing.

+8% average uplift in revenue

+6% average uplift in margin

3x less time for repricing

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