Portfolio-Level Optimal Pricing for Home Improvement & DIY Retailers

Combine data-driven pricing for KVI products and demand-based approach for Long tail to maximize profits with Competera platform

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Reach your goals with Competera

Portfolio-based pricing powered by Competera helps DIY retailers to reach business goals and grow metrics sustainably.

Define the role of each product in the portfolio and use the optimal repricing approach

Have a full market visibility and monitor only your true competitors

Resolve the Long tail stockpiling issue without compromising on margins

Define the role of each product in the portfolio and use the optimal repricing approach

Competera’s ML algorithms allow retailers to segment assortment automatically taking into account the total influence of competitors on sales, a share in the revenue by each product, own elasticity of the product at a regular price, promotional elasticity, marginality, etc.

Eventually, you can apply a rule-driven, elasticity-based, or a combination of approaches to each type of product group (KVI, long tail, cash generators, exclusive range products etc.).

Use the optimal repricing approach

Keep your prices competitive by following only your true competitors

Make sure your margin is not diluted by following unnecessary competitors. Competera’s algorithm reveals the true impact every player has on sales by analyzing retailer's and competitive historical data.

Keep your prices competitive

Use demand-based pricing approach to sell Long tail products at maximum margin

By using a demand-based approach retailers can move Long tail SKUs from the dead spot and make a profit for other categories at the expense of long tails.

Being aware of products’ own and cross-elasticities revealed by Competera, retailers can apply the high-low pricing approach to make long tails attractive for consumers.

Use demand-based pricing approach

Enterprise-grade Software

Once you choose Competera, we will provide you with a personal solution and pricing experts from the Competera team. They will guide you step-by-step through your journey to optimal pricing.

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