Elevate Your Pricing from Intuitive
to Data-Driven Strategies That Work

Hit the right revenue-margin targets, experiment with winning pricing scenarios, and focus on what really matters. Competera is here for you to make this easy.

  • Insufficient Market Data

    You don't have an accurate understanding of market situation and competitors, so your pricing decisions based on intuition.

    Get the clear view
  • Chaotic SKU Management Means Lost Opportunities

    Time-consuming, inefficient SKU management forces you to focus on individual prices but not the strategic vision.

    Put in order your process
  • No Future-Proof Pricing Strategies

    You can't predict the performance of your pricing scenarios on your business goals without automation and forecasts.

    Try different scenarios
  • Conflict between Margin and Turnover Growth

    Finding the growth point which allows your business to have higher profits but not to lose on sales is a tough challenge.

    Find the balance
Elevate Your Pricing to Data-Driven Strategies That Work

Get the Clear View

You can harness real-time data to achieve your KPIs with Competera pricing solutions. With 98% accuracy, you get a helicopter view of the market and competitors, analyze data from different angles, and make informed decisions that boost the margin and revenue of your company.

Get the Clear View

Try Different Scenarios

Benefit from the "What if?" feature to foresee pricing scenarios' impacts and balance your stakeholder needs. Adjust, experiment, and customize your pricing forecasts across SKUs. From prioritizing KVIs to promo campaigns and more, our seasoned Price Architects ensure you have the optimal pricing.

Try Different Scenarios

Put in Order Your Process

Decrease repricing time from 60 to 4 hours weekly with auto-adjustable prices for each SKU. You can shift focus from managing individual product prices to a broader category or group approach. With our tailored scrapping logic, all the data you need lands in ready-to-digest datasets in real-time.

Put in Order Your Process

Find the Balance

Help your company balance revenue and margin by hitting two targets at once. You can boost margin by saving revenue or increase gross margin without compromising total revenue. Our products analyze millions of data points, so you know the optimal price customers are willing to pay.

Find the Balance

Your Price Transformation Journey Starts Here

Our Price Architects are co-pilots who stand by your side throughout the entire pricing journey. Focus on achieving your strategic pricing goals while we help with tactics and routine tasks.

  • Personalized

    Shopper-centric pricing

    Individual offers based on LTV

    Balance between customer demand and business goals

  • Optimized

    Real-time repricing

    Manager defines goals

    Portfolio coverage

    Forecast impact

  • Automated

    Based on rules and business constraints

    Market-share focused

    Automated repricing


  • Manual

    Competitor-centric pricing triggered by market change

    Constant manual check

    Regular repricing

    Data dependence

  • Cost-Plus

    Human-driven decisions

    Ad hoc repricing


Success Is a Journey. Let's Complete It Together

Experience a profound impact on your bottom line with four pillars of pricing transformation by Competera.

Expertise-Driven Consulting

Proven track of record for 90+ clients

Helping with optimal pricing since 2014

Organizational change management

Supreme Technical Solution

Real-time market data

Matchings quality ~ 98%

2.4B annual data points

Committed to Help

Reducing repricing time by 50%

Up to 8% of recovered revenue

Up to 6% margin loss prevention

Dedicated Project Team

Seamless technical integration

PoC to try before buying

Maintenance Support

Kamila Lisewska
Kamila Lisewska
Margin & Pricing Analyst at Staples Solutions

“Competera’s platform is a great tool for price optimization and price management. As a user, I really appreciate the Competera dashboard which gives me the opportunity to work on any level — from the portfolio level to going as deep as the SKU level. With Competera, we know which strategy is gonna benefit us the most and go from there.”

David Elder
David Elder
Group Head of International
and Pricing for WiggleCRC Group

“We believe Competera is the best in the industry. Their platform provides a set of tools, including market-based pricing and AI-driven demand-based pricing, that offers solutions to an immediate need, as well as our long-term plans. They have quickly become a strategically important player that we entrust with enabling a core element of our business.”

Harold Konijnenberg
Harold Konijnenberg,
Director New Business

Kamera Express has been working for 5+ years with Competera. During our partnership, we switched and expanded the number of competitors we monitor multiple times. We also started using the Competera API to integrate competitor data into our ERP system to automate pricing decisions further and use dynamic pricing based on availability. Competera helped us a lot over this time, gave us more data on competitor pricing strategies, and supported us daily in margin discussions with our suppliers.

Ravindra Vohra
Ravindra Vohra,
Global Program Manager

“Price benchmarking and promotion analysis reports have been well received and appreciated across Markets. Pricing and Category managers can use reports with minimal training, thanks to very intuitive and user-friendly UI/UX. Also, the high dashboard up time, data freshness facilitated by daily crawls, data export features, and customization of price comparison logic has proven to be a game-changer for our teams.”

Staples Wiggle Kamera Express Unilever

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