Price Optimization Software for Retailers

Hit all of your business goals with a pricing portfolio approach empowered with cutting-edge pricing optimization. With Competera AI, you get:

  • Optimal prices for each product by store & channel, considering 20+ factors
  • Price suggestions from AI trained on 10B+ real-life transactions
  • A human-in-the-loop guidance and control approach
Dynamic Pricing Software

See how we address common challenges of retail pricing

Competera offers a unique technology blend to make the pricing process easy and effective, allowing you to reach your strategic goals.

Sustain optimal prices across all sales
channels in real-time

External Factors

  • Cross-product elasticity
  • Product Preferences
  • Similar products
  • Restocking
  • Promo
  • Elasticity
  • Promo calendar
  • Recent Purchases
  • Regular price elasticity

Internal Factors

  • Competitors
  • Seasonality
  • Inflation
  • Weather


  • Distribution Factors
  • Clusters
  • Stores
  • Online
  • Mobile
Sustain optimal prices Competera’s Sustain optimal prices

Dynamic AI pricing optimization tool for any size and complexity

At the heart of Competera price optimization software is a unique engine for searching optimal price points.Set prices for any number of products with 98%+ precision level guaranteed.

When calculating new prices, the AI price optimizer software identifies cross-product dependencies and demand patterns, considering its elasticity, cross-elasticities, sales cannibalization, and 20+ other pricing and non-pricing factors.

Dynamic AI pricing optimization tool

Clarity that empowers your strategy

Explore the factors driving your sales, understand key changes, and pinpoint the influencing elements impacting your pricing. The AI Pricing Platform provides a robust foundation for crafting sophisticated pricing strategies, helping you analyze how specific product features or seasonal trends influence buying decisions. 

With precise insights, you can move beyond guesswork and clearly understand the dynamics behind your performance.

Empower your strategy

Price Optimization Beyond Elasticity

Competera offers a unique technology blend to make the pricing process easy and effective,allowing you to reach your strategic goals.

  • Price change

  • Sales change

The first generation of algorithmic price optimization tools automated demand elasticity calculations, focusing solely on the constant elasticity of individual SKUs

  • Product

  • Price

  • Season

  • Promo

  • Competition

Unlike first-generation price optimizer software, our second-generation AI pricing solutions use advanced multi-ML-model approaches to analyze historical sales factors and predict their future impact on consumer decisions.

Hit your targets with price optimizer software

A pricing manager can typically operate with up to 10% of key positions in different categories. Competera’s pricing optimization tool expands its capabilities to cover the whole product portfolio.

Price optimization software allows you to adjust and run various pricing strategies. All you need to do is select the metrics to grow and protect. The tool will do the rest.

Price optimizer software

Enjoy outstanding accuracy with AI pricing software

With Competera Price optimization software, businesses can operate with short-term sales forecasts of 90+% accuracy. It means you can predict the impact of your decisions and determine their effectiveness risk-free.

Thanks to high accuracy, you can forget unjustified pricing actions, incorrect promo ROI estimations, or margin-draining stock clearance.

AI pricing software

This is how Competera helps retailers

Get a tailor-crafted solution and unique product setup developed together with leading pricing architects to help your business reach strategic goals.

    • Industry Tailored
    • AI/ML
    • Personalized
    Wise promo decisions to boost gross margin and sales balance

    Balsam Brands is a US-based online retailer of luxury artificial Christmas trees and seasonal decorations with more than $200M of annual revenue. The company helps to create a festive atmosphere in millions of homes around the globe by operating across 4 geographical regions. Read Case Study

    • Balsam
      • 24,000 discount recommendations
      • 12 repricing campaigns

    • +over 3.5% of revenue

    • Industry Tailored
    • Flexible and Easy to Use
    • Enhanced Time-to-Value
    Streamlined Pricing for an Efficient and Profitable Strategy

    Unilever, one of the world's largest FMCG companies, implemented Competera's pricing platform to optimize its pricing strategy for gro.24/7, resulting in increased efficiency, more accurate pricing decisions, and accelerated revenue growth. Read Case Study

    • Unilever
    • Decreased time for manual assortment analysis

    • 98%

    • Omnichannel
    • Enhanced Time-to-Value
    • Unlimited Scale
    Racing with Giant: Elkjop vs. Amazon

    Elkjop, a leading electronics retailer in the Nordics, adopted Competera's pricing platform to enhance its omnichannel pricing strategy and sustain competition with Amazon. The advanced AI- driven pricing solution enabled Elkjop to optimize prices and drive sustainable growth. Read Case Study

      • Full automation of Amazon Sweden Data scraping
      • 1,000,000 data points delivered monthly

    • 60,000
      Amazon Sweden product matches

    • Elkjop
    • Omnichannel
    • Flexible and easy to use
    • Unlimited Scale
    Streamlining Pricing Process for Global Expansion and Enhanced Efficiency

    WiggleCRC Group, a UK-based online sports retailer with over $500M in annual revenue, adopted Competera's platform to improve pricing automation, enhance competitive coverage, and ensure a transparent pricing strategy across regional markets. Read Case Study

    • 50% reduction
      in repricing time

      • Increased automation for 500,000+ SKUs
      • 360° market view

    • WiggleCRC

How to start enjoying AI pricing optimization with Competera Pricing Platform

Competera considers your entire product portfolio when creating price predictions. Optimal prices are determined in a 4-step process:

Step 1

Add 2 years worth of transactions, stocks, price lists, promo calendars and product references

Step 2

Define your targets and choose a repricing model to increase sales volume or revenue, optimize promo, clear stock

Step 3

Add your rules and constraints

Step 4

Get optimal prices, apply price recommendations, and feed in to your ERP


2 months


Find answers to some of the most common questions people have regarding the use of Competera.

What is price optimization?

Price optimization is a data-driven approach that helps retailers find the most effective price points for their products by analyzing historical data, market trends, customer behavior, and various pricing drivers. It ensures pricing decisions align with business goals while adapting to changing market conditions.

Competera's Pricing Platform uses dynamic pricing and advanced contextual AI to calculate and refine billions of potential price combinations continuously. This technology empowers retailers to streamline their price optimization strategies and make informed, profit-generating pricing decisions in near real-time.

Why price optimization is essential?

Price optimization is crucial for retailers because it maximizes profitability, enhances competitive advantage, and reduces pricing conflicts. Analyzing data on consumer behavior, market trends, and pricing drivers helps identify the optimal price point, increase profit margins, remain competitive, and provide comprehensive pricing recommendations.

How to perform price optimization?

Price optimization is a complex process that requires analyzing multiple factors to find the most effective price points for your products. Attempting to do this manually often results in errors and missed opportunities due to the sheer volume of data and pricing variables involved. That’s where Competera comes in.

With Competera’s Pricing Platform, you can streamline your price optimization by leveraging a robust, data-driven system that simultaneously analyzes over 20 pricing and non-pricing factors. The platform uses advanced contextual AI models trained on real-world data, including 10 billion+ transactions and global category trends, and tailors it to your needs. This technology ensures your pricing decisions are based on accurate, comprehensive insights, minimizing errors and maximizing profitability.
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