On September 26, Competera and Voxwise, a growth delivery company, announced the signing of a strategic partnership. The cooperation seeks to combine Competera's pricing solutions with Voxwise's integration and pricing experience. Being a solution integrator, Voxwise will offer Competera to retail customers seeking innovative solutions to increase profit and revenue. 

VoxWise states that although AI is a catchy buzzword, after years of working with it in hundreds of different business cases, it can be safely said that AI alone doesn't guarantee wanted business results. However, it is the right balance and cooperation between a curious entrepreneur, skilled and experienced data scientist and AI that does. Competera's approach is not only in line with this learning but also brings a great deal of reasonable simplification for the user during the daily price management struggle.

After successfully supporting their business clients in their (re)pricing initiatives for more than ten years now, after a months-long and detailed audit of relevant retail pricing platforms, VoxWise partners with Competera, due to its client success-oriented approach and speedy delivery, to seek automation for clients' daily price portfolio management.

"With our background and vast know-how and experience in customer engagement, direct marketing and pricing, we believe we are together with Competera well suited to support our clients on their journey further", - comments Peter Kristak of VoxWise.

"We’ve been looking for a partner to have a vast experience in introducing deep learning tech (ML and AI), and we are happy to partner with VoxWise, who are highly client-oriented and extremely passionate and fast reacting”, - says Alex Galkin, CEO and co-founder of Competera.

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