We are proud to announce that Competera has been selected to be an official Google Cloud partner.

It's no secret that with the growth of data, it's becoming more and more challenging to use it effectively for businesses. For the same analysis or insights search, for example. Let's face the facts, Competera as well met the need to find a more convenient way to store and analyze disparate data quickly and efficiently.

As you might have guessed, we found this approach. Thanks to the advantage of the cloud technologies provided by Google for IT operations management, we can significantly improve the management and monitoring of customer data, fine-tune its integration into our platform, and speed up the delivery to the end customer.

Furthermore, unlike most of the changes, this one doesn't have any difficulties for our clients. After signing the contract, a separate Google Cloud project will be created for each business using Competera services. Next, the client's data will be fully separated and encapsulated.

For such integration, the client uses the Big Query service from the Google Cloud family. Describing the process in stages, the client fills their data in this service, we deploy the allocated infrastructure for the project, and then show the analytics and price recommendations on the received data. That's all! 
As mentioned above, this approach has several significant advantages.

No need to use additional resources. One service and technical support from us are sufficient for integration into Competera. It's simple.

Maximum safety. All Google services use one of the most advanced security systems in the world. Any sensitive data is stored in a separate project. And our technology partner controls all components of the cloud 24/7/365 – from the data centers to submarine fiber optic cables that transmit information between continents, as they said.

Everything is unified. The customization of integration processes, which took time for both customers and our teams, has fallen into oblivion. There is no need to invent and solve problems on a case-by-case basis. The integration and operation flow are the same for everyone.

At this point, all that remains is to add: let's use the future together!

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