Dynamic Pricing Models for Retail

How to build a winning pricing strategy for an online store

Retailers use various pricing models to pursue different business goals such as to increase the profit, market share or turnover, among others. Basic pricing models for eCommerce include cost-plus, value-based, and rule-based pricing.

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Use Competitive Data to Build a Winning Pricing Strategy

Set the correct repricing schedule

The Cost-Plus Pricing model is based on adding a fixed dollar or percentage to the product’s cost. This model does not require deep market understanding and is easy to apply.

The Value-Based Pricing model sets different prices for individual customers based on their perceived value.

The Rule-Based Pricing model uses specific predefined rules, which retailers set based on their business goals.

Pricing models

With Competera, retail teams can switch from routine tasks to crafting a revenue-boosting strategy.

Retailers require quality competitor pricing data. Without precise information, making the right decisions on repricing will prove difficult, which will increase markup and profits. Businesses receive up-to-the-minute quality data about the pricing of their online retail competitors and stay ahead of the market.

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    Flexible scanning schedule
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    Smart data scanning technology
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    High-quality competitive data
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    Notification of anomalies
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How to Craft a Winning Pricing Strategy

And offer optimal prices to increase revenue

Effective eCommerce pricing strategies use the following rules:

1) An unreasonably high price diverts shoppers, especially in a highly competitive industry, e.g. electronics & computers

2) An unreasonably low price decreases margins and revenues.

The most balanced pricing strategies are primarily based on the customer price perception

Avoid Loss-Making Mistakes

Don’t depend on luck in pricing!

Competera’s machine algorithms collect competitive data by the parameters and schedule set by retailers and analyze it to make pricing recommendations. Unlike humans, algorithms are incapable of mistakes.

Monitor your competitors
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Optimal Retail Strategies

Identify Competitors Who Affect Sales

According to statistics, eight out of ten customers compare prices in at least two stores before buying online. Therefore, retailers willing to attract and retain customers need to collect competitive data about pricing, promos, and stock to set optimal prices and increase their revenue.

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Competitor monitoring software

Competera’s Price Monitoring Tool

for retailers

Competera’s automated price monitoring solution collects, structures, analyzes and delivers competitive data by store, category, and product on a schedule.

The solution visualizes the retailer’s position in the market and provides pricing recommendations and actionable alerts about market opportunities.

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