Always optimal prices for your white-label products at Amazon Store

Want to continuously win on margin while not over-relying on competition and getting involved in price wars? We found a way to transfer all our pricing expertise from enterprise retailers to your Amazon account. With Competera X - price optimization, you can keep your price always optimal and automatically balance between multiple factors daily.

Competera Price Advisor Dashboard

Lost profit due to reactive pricing based on limited number of factors

Amazon resellers are constantly trying to win the box by pushing prices down. The problems begin when other players start to change prices reactively. If you change prices based on a limited number of factors and only when something has already happened, there is a high risk of ending up involved in price wars leading to strategic money leakages.

Lost profit due to reactive pricing

Competera’s ML algorithms can recommend and support optimal prices based on various factors

Competera X tool continuously analyzes important factors and their impact on your sales. Based on these inputs and your business targets, optimal price positions are recommended by ML engine on a daily basis.

Your list of SKUs

for which you would like to get price recommendations

Your list of SKUs

We combine data

from different data sets and train AI model

  • Best sellers
  • Similar items
  • Promo expenses
  • Products and their sales
  • Items promoted by Amazon
  • Inventory history
  • Reviews history
  • Price history
  • BSR history

Optimal price

better results on revenue and margin

How do we do it?

Just 4 steps to start using Competera X and stop losing money in price wars.

Accessing seller’s data

We access your account to analyze Ad spends, daily price and sales history, stock history and FBA/FBM status, as well as your BSR rank history.

Accessing market data

We extract data on competitor products, similar items with their historical sales, each competitor’s data, catalog position, category demand and trends, etc.

Data procession

We process the data and model impact on sales with different prices in the past. Neural networks learn how did particular factors impact your sales in previous years/months/

Generating prices

We recommend optimal price positions for current day/hour based on the data analysis. Try these recommendations and enjoy the growth of your bottom line metrics.

What are the benefits you get ?

With Competera X, you get:

Factors considered

Automatically balance your price based on 9 factors and given targets

Balanced growth

Do not overreact on competition or cost, but grow target KPIs in a balanced way

Future sales modelling

Get holistic view on sales impacting factors and model your future sales

Competera X key features

The ML-powered tool is powered with a set of features enabling you to switch from reactive to proactive smart pricing.

Get transparent view on factors impacting your sales rates
The example graph shows that the price impacts sales directly only at of 11.9% but, at the same time, it drives indirect impact of around 41.1% of the whole sales.

Analyze price positioning over multiple factors
The sample image shows the correlation between the bought items price index dynamics and sales quantity dynamics. In this case, the graph indicates that the higher the price index is, the lower are the sales.

Evaluate factor impact over time
The graph shows the historical change dynamics of every factor impacting sales.

Identify an optimal price index position
Each product has its own optimal price index. Competera Advisor will help you minimise manual work and identify the price index range which is optimal in terms of achieving business targets.

Model your sales by changing the price
You can model the future impact on your sales, revenue, or margin by changing the current price in one or another way.

Get a matrix view on optimal price position
The solution will show how your current price position conflicts optimal price index in regard to the core factors.

*CompeteraX does not aggregate data across Authorized Users' businesses or customers obtained through the Amazon Services API to provide or sell to any parties, including competing Authorized Users. CompeteraX does not promote, publish or share insights about Amazon's business and/or use insights about Amazon's business for their own business purposes.

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