We engineer a new class of retail managers

Competera is a self-pricing platform for decision-making automation to transform every piece of change made with our platform into profit

We do not ask our customers to do something different, we ask them to become someone different, in terms of performance goals reached

Pricing, so far, is the most complex and poorly controlled process of modern retail:

4 hours

per day managers spend on pricing decision

3 different solutions

use managers for the right pricing decisions

only 10%

of managers achieve their KPI's

To make a dramatic shift in how pricing happens we developed the Competera Pricing Platform, configured by 3 powerful products:

Pricing Platform

The Self-Pricing Platform for retailers and vendors, for always right prices on the right products, to hit business goals with no fear of making an error

Combining Mathematics and Data Science, Competera creates a dramatic shift in how pricing happens

We take responsibility for the results and pricing decisions

We provide managers with 20 additional working hours per month

The Competera Pricing Platform is based on the principle of construction and can be easily configured for different types of business needs.

While engineering Competera, we were focused on how retail managers themselves would be changed after Platform integration.

How does it work?

Quick answers and current perfomance overview

Alerting, opportunities and threats highlighting

The dashboard is the first available screen for Competera clients.

This section is easily customized under particular business needs and reflects the most important information – frequently-demanded reports and price index.


The first block of this section is the number of report-cards with actual data and an additional ability for deep diving. There are 2 types of report cards: standard and triggers-based.

By default this section reflects the next information:

  • The most expensive products
  • Cheaper than min competitive price
  • All out of stock products

Triggers-based cards are customised for particular business needs.

  • Repricing alerts (in case of Price Management activation)
  • All the most expensive products N%
  • MAP Violations

System health status reflects the actual pulse and progress on data crawling and processing. The next information points are available:

  • Number of SKUs in analysis
  • Number of competitors in analysis
  • Updated matchings within the last 24 hours
  • % of actual data: if it is lower than 80% the data ring will be red, higher than 80% — green

The Price Index is a metric enabling the visualization of price positioning of your products, product categories, leading brands, and the whole assortment of your online store, regarding similar parameters of your competitors.

The Price Index enables retailers to know which of your competitors influence sales performance and revenue, and how they do it, and what the position company is on the market?

Also downside the section you can find all the saved reports.

Products Section

Detailed analysis on a product level

Products repricing in 3 clicks

Quick and easy data export and stream

This section includes all the Competera products.

The Section is based on the next structure:

  • Product name
  • SKU
  • My price – current product price
  • New price – recommended by Competera Platform
  • Market Prices — spreading from the most expensive price on the market (red colour) to the cheapest one (green colour)
Products Section
Products Section

We mentioned previously that the Competera Pricing Platform is easily configured as a construction.

If you need to customize the Product report and add some new columns (for ex. product card views, checkouts, and MAP), you have to take 3 steps – click the gear (top-right corner) and follow the instructions.

You can use filters for more detailed and clear segmentation.

Using filters you can focus on the type of data segment that is required for decision making.

Products Section
Products Section

That is an example of in-stock products segment

Do you need more detailed analysis at the product level? Make 2 clicks at the necessary product row and drop down on the product card report.

Please take into account the detailed information that is available on this level (for ex. cost price or MAP) in our knowledge base.

Products Section
Category Section

Competitive assortment intersection with competitors' products by category

The main value of this section is the focus on competitive assortment intersection within categories, line-ups or separate products and opportunity to prioritize the most important items for analysis. Also the pricing spread within each competitor is available.

The Not matched column reflects the opportunities for the following assortment expansion.

Category Section
Competitors Section

Competitive assortment intersection analysis within the categories or separate products

Understanding which assortment is not available in match with our competitors

This report is very similar to the Category Section. Using this data segment you will define competitive crossing assortment within not only a particular category, but within your direct competitions.

Competitors Section

Historical data analysis

Answer on the question: "Which factor in the past influenced the current situation"

This section displays the information of goods' prices that have been changed or modified since the last scan.

Promotion section

Quick access to the promos and markdowns competitive list

The section contains a list of goods with a definite set of promo characteristics. Please note: our system recognizes two types of promotions — price markdown and promo events (gifts, bonuses, etc.).

Promotion section

Repricing in 3 clicks

Competera repricing is delivered to cut online retailers time on daily pricing, by more than five times with help of pricing strategies automation of any complexity.

Our Platform utilizes as many price components (costs, stock, MAP) as possible while building your unique and sophisticated pricing rules to generate the further recommendations and alerts.

Please read our detailed use case on repricing features.

Price Index

Which of your competitors (whom you consider being your competitors) are actually affecting your sales?

Price Index displays how your price position correlates to the market prices in general, but also to particular competitors or certain categories of products.

Employing Price Index, you know everything about the price positioning, and the sensitivity of your online store towards the market and certain players

Please read more detailed information about Price Index and its business value in our use case.

Can you answer the following questions?

  • How does your price positioning correlate with market price or competitors’ prices?
  • Which products can you sell at a higher price without a loss of profit?
  • Which of your competitors (whom you consider being your competitors) are actually affecting your sales?

You can find the right answers to these and many more questions with the help of Competera Price Index.

Price Index
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