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Unlock actionable insights with Competera, your full-spectrum retail competitive intelligence software. Stay informed about the latest competitor trends and transform data into strategic moves for robust category growth.

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Empower Your Performance with Retail Competitor Intelligence

Competera's suite of tools captures vital market information, giving you a 360° view of the competitive landscape. Perfect for category managers, data analysts or C-suite leaders looking to amplify their retail competitor intelligence and reach outstanding performance.

Market Trends

Competitive Insights

Price Tracking

Promotion Intelligence

Price history

Price Management
for the Modern Retailer

Competera brings the competitive landscape to your fingertips, tracking everything from Minimum Advertised Prices, promos, stock levels, and beyond.

Analyze market trends to find new sales opportunities and gain practical insights for adjusting your pricing strategies, increasing margins, and addressing sales issues promptly.

Price Management for the Modern Retailer

Elevate Your Strategy with Price Intelligence and Competitive Tracking Software

Boost your team's efficiency with our robust price-scraping tool. Keep an eye on competitor prices, receive actionable alerts
to respond swiftly to market changes, and negotiate with suppliers more effectively.

Elevate Your Strategy with Price Intelligence

Proactive Promotion Advising

Put an end to promo-wars. By analyzing competitors' promotional campaigns and product promo status, you can identify innovative promotional offers to enrich your own assortment.

Proactive Promotion Advising

Price Management and Business Intelligence for the Agile Retailer

Drive your pricing decisions with our advanced analytics, customizable reports, and real-time market data. With our retail competitive intelligence software, fine-tune your pricing strategies, control assortment intersections, and respond to market trends confidently.
Price Management and Business Intelligence


Find answers to some of the most common questions people have regarding the use of Competera.

What is competitive intelligence?

Competitive intelligence is a strategy where businesses collect and analyze information about their competitors, market trends, and customer preferences. This process helps companies understand their market position, make informed decisions, and gain a competitive edge.

How to gather competitive intelligence?

Gathering competitive intelligence involves several steps: identifying key competitors, deciding what information is crucial to collect, and implementing the tools like Competitive Data. This can include analyzing competitors' websites, social media channels, customer reviews, and other public resources. Advanced tools like price optimization software can also be utilized to gain a deeper understanding of competitor pricing strategies.

What are the goals of competitive intelligence?

The primary goal of competitive intelligence is to help businesses make informed decisions based on an understanding of their competitive landscape. It includes strategies to outperform competitors, identifying market trends before they become mainstream, or finding ways to meet customer needs better. Ultimately, competitive intelligence helps businesses grow, improve their offerings, and stay ahead in their industry.

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