Price Scraping Software

Staying ahead of the competition and increasing market share requires businesses to use only relevant, high-quality data. Advanced Price Scraping Software is crucial for retailers willing to grow their revenue and keep trustworthy customer relationships.

Price Scraping Software

Overcome Pricing Challenges with Competera

With Competera, you can successfully align pricing with your strategic goals. Our experience spans over 15 years, and we are trusted by more than 50 clients in 18 countries.

Struggling to balance profit and competitiveness in a fluid market

Missed revenue from overlooking pricing factors and impacts

Misaligned market position due to poor competitor data

What is the purpose of the Price Scraping Software?

Price scraping is powered by a real-time monitoring price tool that collects necessary pricing specifics from competitors’ websites.
Unstructured or outdated pricing data can disrupt even the best pricing strategy and prevent your business from maximizing profit. Since our Price Scraping Software uses only high-quality data, you have a reliable base for your strategic solutions.

Competera’s Price Scraping Software provides fresh, timely, and accurate data with +98% match quality for your profit-growing pricing decisions.

purpose of the Price Scraping Software

Why do you need Price Scraping Software from Competera?

119 000 000

Data points delivered monthly

2 500 000

Product Matches per month




average matches SLA

Monitor prices for competitive market positioning

Competera's price scraper helps in many ways, including:

  • strengthening a variety of business departments with quality data
  • increasing customer loyalty with optimal e-commerce pricing
  • reinforcing competitiveness and growing market share
  • negotiating better deals with suppliers
  • enhancing pricing strategy
monitor prices for competitive market positioning

Why do retailers prefer Competera's Price Scrapping Tool?

Custom logic of data scraping service

Customize the type, complexity, and configuration of data depending on your eCommerce goals.

Data management transparency

Track the process and quality of the data service delivery through a visual dashboard and daily reports provided by a scraping solution.

Multilevel data-checking algorithm

Get the top-quality data delivered by the ML-based scraping solution with several levels of data control.


Find answers to some of the most common questions people have regarding the use of Competera.

What is price scraping?

Price scraping, or web scraping, involves the manual or automated extraction of pricing data from websites. This process typically involves visiting sites or marketplaces, navigating through product pages, and extracting pricing information, including the product’s name, price, availability, and customer reviews. Algorithms then complete product matching, creating usable datasets for subsequent analysis and decision-making to meet business requirements.

What are the benefits of price scraping?

Save Money and Time
Automated price scraping is far more cost-effective and efficient than manual methods. It saves employees time, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks. With services starting as low as £99 per month, it significantly reduces the costs associated with manual labor.

Improve Accuracy
Automated tools collect pricing data multiple times a day, ensuring you have the most accurate and up-to-date information for making pricing decisions. This helps avoid the pitfalls of using outdated data.

Facilitate Market Research
Price scraping provides valuable insights into consumer preferences and demand patterns. Analyzing competitors’ products and prices helps identify market trends, carve out niches, and keep your inventory relevant.

What is the best price-scraping solution?

The Competera Pricing Platform is an exceptional solution for retailers aiming to enhance their competitive strategy. It offers custom scraping logic and frequency to ensure a continuous overview of the competitive landscape. Its scalable infrastructure adapts to your actual monitoring needs, and it integrates easily into your existing systems with low effort. The platform features AI-powered product matches, providing accurate product matchings, SLA guarantees, and similar match support. It offers on-demand data collection with full transparency in the process. Competera’s pay-per-use approach also means you only pay for data points delivered within SLA, making it a cost-effective choice.

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