As retail is going through an extremely challenging time of uncertainty and unprecedented complexity, I would like to thank all the retailers that have been doing a fantastic, but very hard job staying on top of their game, taking care of their employees and providing their customers with whatever they need worldwide. 

Many retailers have been faced with a sudden need to make drastic changes in the shortest period of time: they have been forced to cancel all the offline activities, cope with unparalleled surges and drops in demand, secure supply and delivery while ensuring the safety of their teams. Retailers are among the first responders to address the unexpected new reality — and they have been handling the situation with the utmost care and efficiency.

As much as this period is challenging, retail companies have been using it to reimagine and reshape the way they have been doing their business so far. The 'new normal' will require a combination of new approaches and methods to succeed — and retailers have been focusing on embracing more innovation in their operations to meet the challenges and unprecedented requirements of the post-pandemic world.

Let me assure you that we will do our best to help you go through these trying times. I believe that the retail industry will come out of the crisis stronger and more innovative than ever before.


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