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We are proud to announce our partnership with Sigma Software Group, a global IT company that enables enterprises, startups, and ISVs to fully meet their technology needs within a single delivery organization. This partnership brings together deep skills in AI-powered pricing from Competera with Sigma’s excellence in software development and integration. 

Sigma Software in numbers: 

  • Backed by 21 years of global delivery experience 

  • Among World’s Top-100 Outsourcing Providers 

  • Uniting 2000+ IT experts 

  • Delivering 40+ Value Added Services 

  • 38 Offices in 17 countries

  • Leveraging 25+ Innovative Products  

  • Working with Shopify, Salesforce Commerce, and BigCommerce to name a few.

The demand for optimal pricing is getting bigger and influencing key business metrics. With Competera, Sigma’s retail clients now are covered when it comes to increasing repricing efficiency, expanding the list of pricing factors considered, eliminating mistakes in pricing decision-making, and eventually increasing revenue. With time-to-value from 2 to 10 weeks, Competera’s clients receive up to 162M annual optimal price recommendations and experience an average 8% uplift in revenue. 

Sigma has built a reputation for having a powerful eCommerce competence center. The company works with retailers that manage up to 5 million SKUs in one system. From multi-store marketplace development to B2C store development, Sigma has designed and developed custom eCommerce solutions of the highest quality. Volvo, Sherpr, ANGEL, and other customers have partnered with Sigma. 

We met Competera representatives at a tech conference and at once realized that they provide a smarter way to manage prices for online and offline retailers. This is what we are looking for when building our partner product ecosystem – a smarter way to do things by means of technology. Using AI algorithms is extremely efficient in this case. Not only it allows completing calculations in a matter of hours, but it also gives retailers flexible and sophisticated tools, and the freedom to introduce new factors and experiment, and helps them to analyze competitors’ prices in real-time. With our assistance, Competera’s product implementation in the client's system can be seamless and fast,” says Hanna Krystianovych, Head of Partnerships and Fintech at Sigma Software.

We are glad to start a partnership with a true tech expert Sigma Software, which understands the value of our product and can recommend it to the companies that will derive the maximum benefit from it,” emphasizes Oksana Chypchyruk, Partnerships Manager at Competera.

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