On December 19, Competera and Columbus Consulting, a retail consulting firm, announced the signing of a strategic partnership. The cooperation aims at combining Competera’s latest AI pricing solutions with Columbus Consulting’s industry expertise in guiding and supporting retail clients to execute their most important initiatives based on a holistic standard of excellence. 

Columbus Consulting’s experience in change management, developing and coordinating processes, integrating technology, and making intelligent decisions efficiently by aligning them to core business strategy truly aligns with Competera’s main goal - enhancing retailers’ pricing strategies with the latest deep-learning solutions, and therefore, driving their margins and revenues. 

“Columbus Consulting is excited to partner with Competera and help our clients better understand how they can optimize pricing to drive increased margins and profits. As a retail consulting firm, Columbus continues to look at best in class solutions for our industry and are looking forward to collaborating with Competera in the US market. We believe there is a strong synergy with their products and our ability to facilitate process and change management within the retail landscape. Given business complexities, omni-commerce options and uncertainty in the global market, we understand the challenges that retailers are facing to drive growth.” Jon Beck, CEO Columbus Consulting International. 

“Partnering with Columbus Consulting, especially in the times of surging inflation, means our clients will be able to get the best expertise possible while developing strategies to overcome the recession. We’re proud to have Columbus Consulting onboard so that even more retailers worldwide will be able to enhance their pricing modernization with  deep industry knowledge and expertise provided by our partners”, - comments Alex Galkin, CEO and founder of Competera. 

About Columbus Consulting

Columbus Consulting delivers solutions that drive true value and have been transforming the retail and CPG industries for over two decades. We are a boutique retail consulting company of industry experts. Our approach is simple, if you do it, we do it. We are more than consultants, we are experienced practitioners who actually sat in our clients’ seats. We understand the challenges, know what questions to ask and deliver the right solutions. Columbus offers a unique, consumer-centric approach with an end-to-end perspective that bridges functional & organization silos from strategy to execution. Our specialties include: unified commerce, planning & merchandising, sourcing & supply chain, inventory management, finance & operations, data & analytics, information technology and people & organization. Let us know how we can help you. 
To learn more, visit COLUMBUSCONSULTING.COM. 

About Competera

Competera Pricing platform enables retailers and brands across all retail industries and markets to increase customer trust by setting and maintaining optimal price positions. By continuously calculating and re-quantifying billions of possible price combinations, the platform’s deep learning algorithms increase the enterprise clients’ gross margin by 6%. The optimal price recommendations across the entire pricing life cycle from initial, shelf to markdown and promo price are based on 20+ pricing and non-pricing factors combined with the real-time competitive data.

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