This Pricing Course was designed to help managers master one of the most effective business growth tools — pricing, discover its main challenges, and learn how to use it even more wisely for daily profit growth.

The course offers a series of video lectures covering the following topics:

  • What impacts sales?

  • Why does pricing matter?

  • Why is pricing difficult?

  • Your Pricing Journey

  • Problems and Solutions


Lecturer: Vladimir Kuchkanov, a leading pricing solutions architect at Competera. Vladimir is a Data Scientist, a top-rated domain expert in business analytics, pricing and media management with a successful track record in world-class FMCG companies. 

This is the first course in the educational series by Competera Academy. Started in 2020, Competera Academy is the place for retail category managers to grow professionally and further their career.

Brace for professional growth! 

*The course is not restricted to retail professionals. It’s open for everyone willing to have a sneak peek into the laws and rules of retail pricing. 

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