Competera’s Pricing Solutions

Individual business case needs individual solution – crafted with regard to client’s maturity, industry, goals, etc. Competera platform provides a full stack of pricing software, so you just have to choose the right one. Or ask us to do it.

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Tailored Solutions for Every Role

Discover how Competera's pricing solution cater to the unique needs of various executive, managing and operative titles, driving their success.

Solution by title C-Level

Enhance your C-Level Retail Excellence by overcoming these challenges with Competera.

Pricing Manager

Hit the right revenue-margin targets, experiment with winning pricing scenarios, and focus on what really matters.

Solutions by Industry

Although Competera covers and fits all retail industries, for some of them our solutions have proven the maximum efficiency.

Sporting goods

Discover how to cut repricing time by 50%, streamline your workflow, and switch to more complex pricing rules and logic with Competera’s rule-based pricing.

Health & Beauty

Maximize the financial performance of your whole assortment. Set optimal prices across various price zones, create winning pricing and promo strategies, fight promo pressure, and save your margins.

Home Improvement

Track even the most complex assortment with “no-name” brands or similar products and set the best prices based on ML or Rule recommendations.

Consumer Electronics

Use the potential of every product to boost your revenue without losing margins. Identify real competitors and KVIs, speed up repricing, and hit your business goals.

Discover even more industries


Automotive Supplies

Pet Supplies

Don't get left behind in the retail revolution

Adapt your business with advanced pricing technologies.

Solutions by Need

Find a solution that perfectly fits your particular business needs. Choose one or combine several to get the ultimate results.

Price Intelligence

Get deeper understanding of competitors to fine-tune and perfect your pricing strategies. Competera will armed you with vital competitive insights to help you contextualize and utilize fresh, high-quality, complex data as simple as possible.

Price Management

Get up to five times faster repricing with the help of automated rule-based pricing. Use our library of common pricing rules or set custom scenarios based on client’s or competitors’ data mix to deliver the best offer across your market.

Predictive Pricing

Experience advanced predictive pricing so you can always make the right pricing decisions for your company, and know exactly how repricing will affect your entire product portfolio.

AI for Retail

Utilize AI in your business strategy to outperform competitors. Our technology considers more than 60 pricing and non-pricing factors, takes account of demand elasticity and cross-product impact to recommend the best possible prices for the whole portfolio.

Dynamic Pricing

In the time of price transparency, implementing a proactive pricing policy requires retailers to stay flexible and quick in decision-making. Find how to gain an upper hand on the market with optimal prices driven by advanced market analytics and ML-powered dynamic pricing engine.

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