ML Product Matching in Retail: How Groundbreaking Technology Transforms the Industry >
ML Product Matching in Retail: How Groundbreaking Technology Transforms the Industry
Competera Makes to the Top 3 Price Optimization Solutions by Retail Today
ML-based Scenario Models to Enhance Strategic Planning in Retail
Find how advanced ML-based technologies can help businesses to make better strategic decisions and explore the ins and outs of What-If pricing scenarios by Competera platform.
UK Retailer Robert Dyas Starts Its Pricing Journey with Competera and KIVALUE
Corporation 'Centr' Received Uplifts of 6.2% in Revenue and 5.7% in Profit with Competera Price Optimization
Together with our partner KORUS Consulting, we completed a pilot project with Corporation 'Centr' as a part of strategic cooperation aimed at increasing profit margins through price optimization.
Infographic: What Do 2021 Black Friday Results Say About the Future of Retail?
Infographic by Competera highlighting the key insights from the Black Friday 2020 and 2021 campaigns.
Tech Revolution in Retail: Ukrainian Retailers Talk On The Latest Advancements
What is Price Skimming || A-Z Guide by Competera >
What is Price Skimming || A-Z Guide by Competera
Competera Advisory Board Increases Its Membership >
Competera Advisory Board Increases Its Membership
Florian Strecker: "Flexibility, transparency, and usability are the three features to look for in a price optimization solution."
We continue our series of interviews featuring renowned retail experts worldwide to understand the ins and outs of the industry and look into the ways to help retailers thrive in the new reality.
Back-to-School 2021 Economics
Competera compiled 2021 Back to School results. Get an overview of the hottest retail season of the summer.
Competera Partners with Suntown Ukraine to Foster Stores Digitalization
The partnership is aimed to expedite the era of contextualized real-time pricing in the offline retail experience
Mara Devitt: "Customer engagement, product & pricing, and associate support are the top-3 investment areas in post-CV19 retail"
Mara Devitt, a retail expert with 30 years of consulting experience, shares her thoughts on current and upcoming retail trends, as well as practical ways retailers can win in the new normal.
Forget the 'Black Box' Issue or How to Make Users Trust AI >
Forget the 'Black Box' Issue or How to Make Users Trust AI
Exploring the Revised Retail Reality With Carol Spieckerman: Technology, Brick-and-Mortar's Role and More
This interview is part of Competera’s series featuring interviews with the most renowned retail experts worldwide
Competera and McMillan Doolittle Sign Strategic Partnership
How to Get Customers Buy from You: 3 Vital Components of a Great Customer Experience
Competera Named High Performer Spring 2021 by G2 Crowd
Spring 2021 brings Competera another High Performer award from the G2 Crowd
Competera Wins the “Committed to Deliver” Award from Software Suggest
Competera was recognized as a Committed to Deliver vendor by Software Suggest
Your Guide to Real-Time Pricing and Electronic Shelf Labels
Contextualized real-time pricing becomes a part of the retail shopping experience both online and offline. Let's find in which cases implementing ESL system and other real-time pricing tools can bring the real value.
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