How to Use Data for Pricing Recommendations >
How to Use Data for Pricing Recommendations
How to Build an Accurate Forecasting Model
Find how to build a precise predictive model for a business with extreme seasonality and start capitalizing on it.
Competitive Pricing Analysis for Competitive Pricing Strategy
Competitive pricing analysis is your key to increase revenue and stay ahead of the competition. Learn how to choose the right tools and reach the next level of pricing.
Competera and Bynecon Consulting Announce Partnership
Competera starts partnership with Bynecon Consulting to strengthen its representation in Turkey and Mediterranean region
How To Update Portfolio and Supply Chain Management || 10 Proven Tips
The products in your supply chain should never be allowed to stagnate. Learn how to refresh your product portfolio and keep operations moving.
Competera | SoftwareSuggest Recognition Awards Fall 2020
Competera Pricing Platform has been recognized as a winner of the SoftwareSuggest Recognition Awards Fall 2020
How to implement Pricing System in 2021
An ultimate guide on pricing system implementation in retail. Find practical recommendations by a renowned pricing expert with 20+ years of experience in profit and performance improvement.
Retail Systems Awards 2020 >
Retail Systems Awards 2020
Behavioral Pricing: a Guide for Retailers >
Behavioral Pricing: a Guide for Retailers
Machine Learning for Retail Price Optimization
Tame ML-algorithms to craft an optimal price for each SKU and win every extra margin point.
Erik Rodenberg Joins Competera As Advisor
Renowned retail consultant Erik Rodenberg becomes Competera's advisor
Maciej Kraus Joins Competera as Advisor
Stanford Guest Lecturer in Pricing, Ph.D., and Venture Investor Maciej Kraus Joins Competera as Advisor
Competera Wins Ukraine Innovation Awards 2020
Competera-Intertop Case Study Wins Ukraine Innovation Awards 2020
You are not in the markdown business — Interview with Bob Phibbs >
You are not in the markdown business — Interview with Bob Phibbs
Price Sensitivity: Painless Way to Win Your Customers
Avoid the typical retail mistakes. Discover how to sustain price sensitivity, increase customer lifetime value and maximize your revenue.
Competera Recieves Happiest Users Award from Crozdesk
Thanks to all of our customers!
Pricing Performance or How to Measure Your Business
Does your pricing profitable for the business? Check our latest guide to know how to measure company's pricing performance. We describe tools, approaches, and some tips allowing to do it most effectively. Also, this guide would be helpful for those who are interested in the nature of prices.
How to Increase Profit Margin
Wondering how to increase margin and keep customers loyal at the same time? The short answer: pricing is the key. Find how it works and what are the real-life tools of maximizing margins by reading the guide.
How to Set Efficient Online Price [Video]
Want to know how to form a new shelf, attract customers, and prevent demand losses? We've made a video for you.
How to Reflect Cost-Push Issues [Video]
Get know how to increase your prices to reflect margin decrease on selected products as well as to protect the revenue of the entire category
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