Competera shines among the top startups in London >
Competera shines among the top startups in London
Takeaways from Future Stores UK 2019
Find out the most valuable insights from Future Stores UK 2019 to help the retail business grow.
Insights and Grocery Retail Trends
Check the latest insights of grocery industry taken from Competera business breakfast in Kyiv.
Pricing Analyst: an Essential Player on Your Team
Hiring a price analyst is a good way to boost competitive intelligence. But without advanced pricing software, the potential of a pricing analyst remains limited.
Competera Turns Five Years Old
On April 25th Competera turns five years old. Although this is not an anniversary, that age is pretty solid for the startup world. Therefore, to honor our birthday, we decided to give the stage to the person who is able to sum up our journey.
Big Data in Retail: Gamechanger You Can't Ignore
Turn the data into the weapon. From identifying real competitors to shaping consumer behavior – there are many ways to use the data for your business growth. This article will shed the light on the most effective of them
The Ugly Truth of Price Wars in the Beauty & Health Industries
Price wars could devastate retailer's financial health in just a few months. Learn the lessons of price wars in beauty and health to make sure your business is out of the risks.
Major Retail Trends for 2019 >
Major Retail Trends for 2019
7 Pricing Trends to Strive This Year >
7 Pricing Trends to Strive This Year
Machine Learning in Retail: Dealing with Incomplete Data
Incomplete data is no longer an obstacle for retailers willing to upgrade their pricing. Find how the combination of smart approach and advanced technology becomes a new superpower in retail.
Back-To-School: 3 Tips to Increase Sales in [2018]
It's always a good idea to remind some easy and ready-to-use means to increase sales in retail. Use this guide as a starting point to upgrade your pricing.
[2018] Ecommerce in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia
Explore Southeast Asian regional trends, challenges eCommerce retailers face, and pricing-driven solutions to these challenges.
Competera's Business Breakfast
A ​​Retail Meetup hosted by Competera. An opportunity for the business to discuss the use of innovations and new industry trends.
Retail Analytics: Trends for 2018 >
Retail Analytics: Trends for 2018
Marketplace Pricing or All You Must Know on Amazon Repricer
How to use Amazon repricer and why do you need it now? Competera's guide to become a top seller.
Personalized Dynamic Pricing in E-commerce
In past, dynamic pricing allowed to react quickly to the new market trends, yet disregarding personalization of user experience. Learn how the advanced technologies are about to change this trend.
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