Competera and Suntown Ukraine, a leading technology company specializing in project implementation with the help of ESL systems, team up to collectively promote the adoption of dynamic pricing by online and offline retailers. Suntown Ukraine provides the rapidly-growing smart retail with digital solutions by Pricer for brick-and-mortar stores. Founded in 1991 in Sweden, Pricer is a leading technology company pushing the innovation limits in retail by providing state-of-the-art solutions for store performance and purchase quality.
Suntown Ukraine facilitates the adoption of innovative in-store technologies by supporting its clients’ growth with advanced solutions dedicated to boosting productivity and strengthening customer loyalty.

“Even though advanced solutions, like Competera, take up routine tasks from users, the human factor still time remains in the game. For example, untimely changes of paper price tags can dramatically distort the results of dynamic pricing solutions and affect the intended metrics during the solution test. Here, electronic shelf labels come to the rescue by adding significant speed and accuracy and eliminating the human factor from the price change process. Therefore I believe that the full potential of an advanced solution can be realized in hand with another progressive technology like ESLs by Pricer,” shared Aleksandr Galkin, CEO at Competera. 

“Store digitalization is gaining steam in retail. Today we see an increasing number of retailers implementing various solutions to optimize pricing, increase efficiency, and improve customer experience. The retailers who have implemented dynamic pricing should be ready to fully automate price management because advanced solutions like Competera require high price accuracy and coherence. Pricer’s electronic shelf labels will allow Competera's clients to track the changing pricing scenarios and control price changes for every SKU in real time to smoothly reach the desired results,” comments on the alliance Oleksiy Chorniy, CEO & Co-Founder of Suntown Ukraine. 

“Together with Suntown Ukraine and Pricer, we will speed up the shift towards digital in-store experiences and soon demonstrate the full power of retail innovation that can help retailers outshine competitors,” adds Aleksandr.

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